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Indoor Carpet Bowling Takes Place Most Tuesdays & Thursdays. 

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Beginners welcome. Please wear flat shoes and bring a smile!

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OLBA 2019 DISTRICT 9 PLAYDOWNS Not yet available

 June 1 & 2,              District Singles Playdown 

June 15-16   9:30 AM         Women's & Men's Pairs  Port Credit

July 2-3        9:30 am          Senior Triples Women's & Men's  Georgetown

July 13-14    9:30 AM             Mixed Pairs   Oakville

August 10-11 9:30 AM         Novice Triple's Women's & Men's New Toronto

August 31 Sep 1  9:30 AM     Novice Singles Club Champion Women's & Men's  Milton

Sept                     9:30 AM        Canadian Qualifier Open Singles   Willowdale


 2019 TOURNAMENTS. Not Available for Registration at this time.  

2019 TOURNAMENTS. Not Available for Registration at this time!

 OPEN   ENTER   SAT. 11 May 10 AM.      Presidents Trophy.  MT. BL.

 In-Club  info.      MON. 20 May 10 AM.      McKersie-Kocher,  JT. BL. 

 OPEN   ENTER   WED. 22 May 10 AM.      The Cutting Edge Hair Salon. LT. BL.


OPEN   ENTER   SAT. 01 Jun      9 AM.       National Bowls Day - OPEN HOUSE

In-Club    info.      SUN  09 Jun   TBA          Viva Retirement, Milton @ Port Credit Interclub. JT, BBQ LI.

In-Club    info.     SAT.  15 Jun    10 AM.      Milton Nissan  JT. BL. 

OPEN   ENTER  WED. 19 Jun 10 AM        Martindale Gardens LT  LI.

In-Club   info.        THU 20 Jun 7:15 PM      Strawberry Social, Aussie Pairs. JT.


In-Club  info.       SUN  1 Jul     10 AM        Birkdale -  Canada Day. OT. BL. 

In-Club  info.     SAT 20 Jul    9 AM       Novice Singles Men's & Women's Qualifier. BL

In-Club info.   THU 25 Jul   7:15 PM        Milton Denture Clinic, Raspberry Social. JT

OPEN ENTER SAT 27 Jul   9:30 AM        Nacora- Tax Free Money Cup. OT LI


In-Club  info.    MON  5  Aug   10 AM       Hearing for Life. MT. BL. 

OPEN ENTER  WED 14 Aug10 AM      Karen Buchanan & Sarah Jensen, LT BL 

In-Club  info.      THU 15 Aug  7:15 PM    Slessor Motors Corn Roast- 4,3,2,1 Format JT

OPEN  ENTER   SAT 17 Aug10  AM      (New Sponsors in 2019) Novice Rotation. OT BL

                                                      (each team must have at least one novice)

In-Club  info.       MON  2 Sep    10 AM     Canadian Champion. JT. BL.

OPEN  ENTER  SAT   7 Sep    10 AM      Milton Denture Clinic. MT  BL

OPEN  ENTER  WED 12 Sep  10AM    Canadian Private Investigation Service (CPIS) Snowball. MT/LT  BL

In-Club   info.      SAT 15 Sep    10 AM     Robert Lee Financial. MT. BL. 

OPEN  ENTER  WED 19 Sep 10 AM  Karen Buchanan & Sarah Jensen, LT  BL 

In-Club    info.    SAT 22 Sep  10 AM     In-Club Singles. BL.

OPEN   ENTER  SAT  5 Oct 10 AM.     Scott's Car Care Bowl & Curl OF LI. 

 Social hour & registration 8:30 to 9:30 AM. Then to Curling Club.

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