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Open Singles 7:00 pm, Wednesdays

The Singles League plays on most Wednesday evenings starting at 7 PM. First come, first served with greens.

If more than 20 players show up then the last to arrive may act as spotters while they wait for a green or they may join the last two members to arrive and play singles as a group of three.

To play singles as a group of three. Keep track of three players on a card instead of two players. Play 2 sets and record each player's points. There should be a set winner but it might result in a first place tie. The scores speak for themselves. See blue section below in "How We Play:".

Players are loosely ranked so that the most experienced play one another.

For a more detailed description of the Leagues Operating Guideline and Rules click here.

How we play:

Each match consists of two, 9 end sets. Dont break ties.

First Set:  Winner of the coin toss may choose last bowl or place the Jack and the mat. 

                  For the remainder of the set it is the winner of the previous end who places the Jack and mat.

Second Set. Loser of the starting coin toss gets the choice of last bowl or placing the Jack and mat.

The respot rule is applied if the Jack is driven out of play. 

Set Points. Win = 5, Tie = 3, Loss = 1. Points available per match = 12.


If three people play singles together there are 18 points to be divided up = 9 points awarded per set:

Win the set W = 5 points. Second place set winner 2nd = 3 points. Set loser L = 1 Point. Total set points awarded = 9

First place tie FT = 4 points each of two players = total of 8 set points. Set looser gets 1 Point. Total set points awarded = 9.

Win the set W = 5 points. A second place tie 2T gets 2 points each player. Total set points = 5 + 2 + 2. Total set points awarded = 9.

If there is a three way tie for a set win then each player gets 9/3 = 3 points each.

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