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Marketing Exercise

 Pick a Demographic and Develop a Marketing Plan of Action


Bowls Development Officer Jake Schuknecht was at the MLBC on May 28, 2019

We were given a task to look at a demographic, and follow through to strategize

with action steps . The members at this meeting picked the demographic of 65+

years. Questions were posed for this task , that guide us to think of ways we can look

at attracting new members to Lawn Bowling. The following is the set of questions,

and our responses.


What does your demographic want /need?

     -Social interaction




     -Something to do with grandchildren

How does your club fill that need?

     -Physical activity

     -Other entertaining events such as in Potluck, Cards, interclub exchanges

     -Teamwork when bowling and as a volunteer

     -Volunteer, Local in the community, coaching kids, board member

How does your demographic prefer to communicate?



     -Paperwork/take home stuff, Bookmarks with info (hardcopy)


     -Show and tell


How will you market to your target Demographic?

     -Verbal presentations to organizations

      Invitations to attend “introduction to bowling” eg. Probus, Church, legions curling clubs

     -Organization newsletters

What will you do? Who will do it? and When?

     -Solicit connections/referrals from within our members, to follow through

      with focus groups. Ask.

     -Start early in Sept/Oct, eg write secretary of Probus Group

      so we can be on their agenda, and other groups

     -Indoor Lawn Bowling , is social and keeps members engaged

     -Jan/Feb meet to develop an action plan

     -Assign duties , as in freebies?

What do we need/supplies/programs? How much will it cost?

     -Brochures 100 are free from Bowls Canada. Place Flyer inside with

       times of open house and other info.

     -Co-ordinate to website, there are u tubes that are informative

       and available at no cost to promote Lawn Bowling.

     -Learn to Bowl Program, we have purchased a kit for this

      to make bowling fun !

     -Ads in newspapers. Need a budget!

       Community events is free ad weekly in the Canadian Champion

       Parks and Recreation also has a community booklet to put in about bowling

       Chamber of commerce has a free listing to add to their directory .

       Newsletters of church organizations

What are your Smart Goals?

S is for Specific, M is for measurable, A is for attainable, R is for realistic and T is for 

time frame.     

S     -Increase open house attendees, Look at attracting 50+ people coming.

        Utilize Coaches and members who are fun be with. This is not the time for perfection.

M   -Guest book and or waiver to be signed that has their phone number, and or email

         to follow up with

A    -Yes!!

R    -Yes!! Phone people /send email

T    -Full year plan, and ongoing.

How to Evaluate /Gather Data?


     -Survey Feedback

     -Record Keeping/ Follow up

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